The Beiler-Campbell Business Center Welcomes New Tenant: Cyron & Company

Cyron-0798-1For over twenty years, Cyron & Company has offered a comprehensive suite of customizable accounting, payroll and tax services for small to mid-sized businesses and individuals. Our unique approach of delivering custom-tailored solutions truly sets us apart. We help you achieve balance by aligning your business and personal goals. We pay close attention to your goals, ideas, plans, and concerns—and design a services package that meets these specific needs and objectives.

Our distinct philosophy has not only earned us the loyalty of our clients, but has allowed us to grow through a steady stream of referrals. We’re known for our clear focus on helping clients reach their full financial potential and are proud to develop partnerships that support business growth and ongoing financial strength.

Cyron & Company is moving into the newly constructed 400 Building within the Beiler-Campbell Business Center.

Add their new contact information into your CRM/Address Book:

Cyron & Company Certified Public Accountant

The Beiler-Campbell Business Center, 400 Old Forge Ln, Suite #405, Kennett Square, PA 19348

Find out more about Cyron & Company by visiting their website HERE

Through the Looking Glass (Part 3) – Commercial Real Estate in 2015

Possibilities Road Sign with blue sky and cloudAs we dove into 2015’s waters, investment capital stats were already at in influx. The US has traditionally been a favorite depository for said capital. With US Treasury Rates on a decline due to demand and  the US Stock Exchange experiencing new elevations, commercial real estate is an attractive invitation for both foreign and domestic investors. The evidence of this is the growth of overall commercial property transactions in the US by foreign investors has now arrived at a level that we haven’t seen since 2006/2007. Firms aim a close eye at interest rates and market stability as they compare these current statistics with historical data. The timing for interest increases is concerning for most, and whether long term and short term rates will increase in a united or disjointed manner. A majority of soothsayers, (correction: forecasters), hold the belief that the Federal Reserve will raise  rates Summer of 2015. Out of the estimated $5 trillion plus capital invested in the United States, over $3 trillion is debt-driven. Commercial real estate loans are steadily gaining as per the Feds, with private equities and REIT’s in the lead. There is speculation that we will see a “re-do” of 2006 where large sums will be reinvested into #cre in 2015 if all goes according to pattern. Is your brokerage positioned for these potential opportunities? Are you as an investor positioned to take advantage of this stimulative climate and seize the day?

Welcome ARK Pain Management to the Beiler-Campbell Business Center

photo 4cropARK Spine Care & Pain Management offers the most comprehensive non-operative pain management care available. Dr. Jha is a triple board certified (Pain management, Neurology, Psychiatry) physician who is dedicated to upholding the highest professional standards and providing the highest quality of healthcare while striving to deliver pain relief for her patients.

Chronic pain is a complex condition with multiple layers of challenges, many which unfortunately are invisible to others except for the person suffering. It often has multiple facets to its presentation ranging from physical and emotional to social factors. Unfortunately, very commonly, chronic pain goes untreated or under-treated in our society.
Given the complexity, the essence of comprehensive pain management at ARK Spine Care & Pain Management includes a multimodal approach, which includes different modalities spanning from physical therapy, medications, psychological treatments if indicated, and injections. Reliance on only one modality may result in minimal or partial improvements. Our ultimate goal is to improve our patient’s level of functioning and pain scores in the most compassionate and safe way.

Providing the most advanced medical approaches and highest quality of pain management, Dr. Jha strives to work with patients to develop a plan of care that best meets the needs of each individual. She evaluates patients with a variety of pain problems and devises a carefully thought out treatment plan according to each unique pain problem. Implementing interventional and non-interventional therapies of pain management to deliver effective comprehensive care, ARK Spine Care & Pain Management provides the highest quality of non-operative pain management available.


#CRE’s Coming of Age

The age of technology that is. The word “technology” can spur drastically different feelings in various sorts of people. Some hear it and cringe due to frustration or lack of confidence or understanding. Others thrive on it to the point of addiction. You know who you are, my commercial real estate professional friend. Regardless, technology keeps moving forward at light speed all around us. EMarketeer

Yes, all AROUND us…up until now. I have personally observed that commercial real estate and the construction industry as a whole have been very slow to embrace new technology. Now, the #CRE professionals are not solely to blame. No, on the contrary, state and federal regulations have also had a role in this as well. Instead of an engaging dance it has looked more like a tug-of-war session. By the way…who’s winning?

Moving on, this past year has been a watershed year for commercial real estate tech. LoopNet and CoStar have steadily moved into mobile applications and Docusign acquired Cartavi, creating a one-stop-shop for transaction management. REIWise deserves props for their Power Broker, Investment Analysis and cre techCommercial Lease Analysis systems. The detail and capabilities are off the charts. Let’s not neglect to mention the social media bandwagon that the real estate industry as a whole finally jumped on…after it passed by us several times begging us to get on board with the rest of the planet.

The real movers and shakers of late are the venture capital companies, feverishly raising funds to implement their technology in the CRE industry. Notable mentions include 42 Floors, View The Space, Floored and Compstak. These guys are raising boku bucks and bringing innovative, diverse and desperately desired technology to the land of commercial real estate pros. An interesting observation is that most are a product of millenials, but the solutions are geared toward the up-and-coming GenY and their demand for automated fix.  person on pc

The warm handshake hasn’t been laid to rest. It still has its place in the game. Communication and interaction is what we do. We are wired for it. We also are driven to achieve. We are motivated and ambitious. The bottom line is that enough people took notice of the big elephant in the room and decided to do something about it, correlating efficiencies with success,  cutting-edge with closing deals. Buckle-up buttercup…more twists and turns ahead. coaster1