What Drives You?

I have been told that I am a “driven” individual. I took some time this morning to ponder that for a bit. It’s great to be a driven individual, but I find it equally important to assess what the root of that drive is.

We all have “motivational factors” within us. They could involve a laundry list of items including our families, our ambition, our need to be successful, our “perfectionistic” nature, etc.

The one core driving factor that I try at all costs to keep first of mind involves my spirituality. Some of you may say, oh wait a minute Beth Anne, don’t go all “religious freak” on us and then try to tie it in to Commercial Real Estate. Actually, if you were truly honest with yourself, your core beliefs have a lot to do with how you live, your priorities, how you conduct yourself in business and even your goals you set forth for yourself or your company.


As I was mulling this over, I found that my faith has a lot to do with how I treat people (including my co-workers), how I present myself, my work ethic and how I view the Commercial Real Estate section of my life’s “pie”.

So now I go out on a limb, but at least I can say it’s my limb to sit on so it’s okay, right? I relish my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and do not segregate HIM from the rest of that life “pie” that I mentioned. I guess I’m a little different, or so I’ve also been told, because I see my purpose, (my real job per say), as servant hands and feet to show people the same love that my GOD has shown me. My secondary job (out of necessity) is Commercial Real Estate marketing and operations.  I enjoy both immensely.  I find that they intertwine often. I like to bring a positive influence to the table. I love to help others, encourage them and build them up. I strive to give above and beyond the call. Call me over-achiever, but 130% is a favorite number of mine…just sounds good to me. I desire to make a difference. I desire to BE different. Those are the things that drive me.

ImageI recently had this conversation with someone when they asked me, “If you could quit your job tomorrow, what would you do? Take a long vacation, travel the world, read more – do less? My answer was this, “I would continue to do the one-on-one street ministry with the homeless that I do as part of “The Way Ryders”, but I would do it every day, not just twice a month. I would also lead worship every evening at Delaware House of Prayer, not just once a month.” See? Life wouldn’t change drastically. The true purpose would just expand.

I encourage you to take a deep dive in “Lake YOU”. Your driving purpose can impact others in such a positive way and make a tremendous difference. ImageEvery day I have the choice to be all about me or all about HIM, which in turn, makes it all about others. It works out well, don’t you think?


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