Streamlining Your Time

There are believably zillions of methods that people have come up with to assist you with time management, using your resources expeditiously to add value and ROI to that somewhat elusive to grasp “TIME” supply treasure.  I just wanted to share a couple of ideas on a semi-regular basis to possibly redeem some of that precious stock.  Everyone has preferences, quirks, ways that work for them. In Commercial Real Estate, there are shortcuts however, that if executed properly, will save bucket-loads of time-well-spent in the long run. Take what you can use, what may be applicable to you…discard what you don’t.  How about two tidbits for starters…we’ll “ease” into the pool of productivity gradually.

Make a #CRE Morning Java Listespresso roast

When you pour that first cup of dark roast goodness and sit down at your desk…refrain from the temptation to delve right into your inbox or check your social media. Take a few moments of zen and make a list, electronic or with a sturdy #2 old school style and plot out your goal list for the day. I prioritize mine to keep myself both in check and hovering around reality. Be realistic. Don’t put down  the nonsense that you do every day. Note the real things that you want to accomplish to impact your CRE business today. Projects, communication, presentations, marketing, etc.

Templatesperson on pc

Oh yes, I did say the “T” word. Templates…the word itself sounds so very painful. The thought of creating one from scratch just makes you wanna poke your eyes out, I know. However, I find that some short-term difficulty is good for long-term efficiency. I have created templates for almost EVERYTHING we do around here in regards to forms, communication, printed material, etc. In your CRE forms app, whether it be ZIPForms or otherwise, take the time to create and customize templates for each type of transaction that you do. You will save boat-loads of time after you invest the elbow-grease on the front end getting them set up specifically for your brokerage use.  Creating new things is a wonderful concept. For the most part, I say create it once, renew and re-create it as needed. Save the visions of new grandeur for your culinary expedition tonight at home or your weekend trip to the depot.

And a positive thought for the day and probably one of my fav “me” sayings, “I love running with scissors…they are my favorite accessory”.

Make it a great day in #CRE,

Beth Anne



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